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1 asdsasdsad 9
2 Artist 2
3 xShi6aN 1
4 Luffy 0
5 EgyConquer[CO] 0
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EgyConquer Information & Features

Some Of Our Features

New Garment

One Of Our Features , We have all 5 Stars Garment .
and all 5 stars Mounts.

New System Drops

Server Drop rate for players no have VIP Bags containing 10 to 50 Cps.
For VIP 4 players server drop 10 cps Automatic in inventory.

Epic Weapons and Cups

Take Your Character To The Next Level Of JiangHu With Epic Weapons For Trojans, Ninjas, Taoists, Monk !

New Wings and Titles

All the new wings and title can be buy it from NPC in TwinCity.
About EgyConquer

What Is EgyConquer Server

The Only Bug-Free Conquer Online Private Server To Implement All Features , Quests and Events From Official Servers .
Enjoy a Fair And Fun MMORPG Experience With Our Drop System And New Events !


All Classes, Items, and Spells Are Fully Implemented, Tested and Work Exactly The Same As Official Conquer .


Join Hundreds Of Unique And Daily Quests Which Help You Level Up And Improve Your Gears And Get CPs .


Take Part In Both Solo And Team Events Such As Guild War, Cross-Server, Capture The Flag, PK Tournaments, Champions Arena, Quiz Show, Etc ...


The Server Is Developed And Maintained By a Group Of Good Developer OF Private Server , So Play As u Can And Tell Us About Bug's .